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Recordable accidents for companies like AAM are a part of the business, but for owners PJ and Jennifer Myers, keeping those accidents at a minimum is critical to not only their employee’s welfare, but to the sustainability of their business. Implementing employee incentives around the number of recordable accidents isn’t a new business practice, but after a couple years of higher accident numbers, they knew it was time to try something new.

Time for some BINGO!

With a company-wide goal to have zero recordable accidents for one calendar year, we’ve introduced an exciting new employee incentive program with BIG rewards. “Safety Pays” was launched in April 2013 to promote safety awareness and keep safety on the forefront of our licensed applicators’ minds.

Employees receive a bingo card, and the only way to get a new card is to see their manager. This ensures every AAM employee is having face-time with their supervisor. A new bingo number is drawn every morning and delivered via text message to every employee. Included in the text is a daily safety tip.

So, what’s all the hype with Safety Pays? The rewards. With a $500 starting pot increasing $20 for each daily drawing, the pot soars quickly. Throw in a fancy prize, like a new TV, and you have employees eager to win, while staying safe on the job. However, every time an OSHA-recordable accident occurs, the bingo game resets. The longest game got up to 23 draws, and up to $2,940. Employees wanted to win, and they were reminding each other on the job to keep it safe. Small reminders can prevent an accident and that’s what Safety Pays is all about. We’re making every employee a ‘safety supervisor.’  Our goal is to have no recordable accidents for one year.

If there is one thing AAM does right, it’s safety. It’s at the root of our company culture. When companies choose AAM, they know they’re getting a leader in the industry who will provide results, while staying safe on the job.

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