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It’s been said that opportunity often missed because it’s “dressed in overalls and looks like work.” And that is just it. At AAM, we delight in a challenge and take great pride in our approach to lake, pond, and waterway management. From employee licensing to superior chemical mixes and rigorous safety standards, exceptionalism is the benchmark and every job an opportunity to learn and improve upon our methods.

Most importantly, every job is an opportunity to delight our loyal customers. This is why it is such a pleasure when one of our customers takes time to reach out and let us know how we’re doing. Around the office we call them “adda boys.” What they are is a testament to the integrity and skill of our teams as they...


Aquatic weed management and invasive species removal services in Auburndale, Florida:

If a photo is worth a thousand words, a before and after photo has to be worth at least two thousand. All joking aside, it can be easy to forget what will quickly happen to your lakefront without the proper management of nuisance and exotic vegetation.

Below are three photos showing before, during and after stages of AAM’s aquatic plant management services at Lake Ariana Park in Auburndale, Florida. AAM’s licensed and highly trained applicators treated and removed cattail and torpedograss. Native vegetation (duck potato and bulrush) was preserved as per FWC permit regulations.

Before Treatment:

Lake Ariana lakefront invested with torpedo grass and cattail

During Treatment:

Lakefront treated using aquatic labeled herbicides by AAM’s highly trained and licensed applicators


Water resource stewardship practices are crucial in ensuring that our precious water resources are protected for the present and for future generations. At Applied Aquatic Management, our experienced team of licensed applicators is continuously trained and dedicated to maintain the highest ethical and legal standards of ecology and natural resource stewardship.

About The Award

The Steward of Water Award, presented by SePRO, recognizes companies and individuals who actions and management solutions are working with government agencies, lake associations and private property owners, to preserve water. Additionally, The Steward of Water practices help ensure advancement of sustainable future for the aquatics industry, the company, and its employees.

The Nominations

In 2014, SePRO asked Preferred Applicators to submit highlights of the Stewards of Water practices they and their companies have been implementing—Practices, like those implemented by Keith Magnus, a 20-year employee of Applied Aquatic Management, Inc.,...


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